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  • Asphalt Distributor DAZ60-A130

    Asphalt Distributor DAZ60-A130

    DAZ60-A130D intelligent asphalt distributor has been widely used in highway construction and road maintenance projects. It can be used for construction of upper and lowers seal coat, prime coat, waterproof layer, bonding layer, bituminous surface treatment, bituminous penetration pavement, fog seal and other projects of different grades of highway pavement. It can also be used for transportation of liquid asphalt or other heavy oil.

  • Trailer Asphalt Distributor DATS-25

    Trailer Asphalt Distributor DATS-25

    Trailer Asphalt Distributor DATS-25 is designed for heating and spraying asphalt emulsion tack coat, asphalt cutbacks, asphalt rejuvenators, primers and more. Asphalt Distributor Trailers are available in660 gallon capacities.

  • ZC-2000


    ZC-2000 is a professional comprehensive repair equipment,combined with underpan, electric heating system,liquefied gas heating system,heat transfer fluid circulation system...Our road maintenance machinery as a domestic leader in the export of various types of maintenance machinery.